Strange Dream

I was sleeping tonight when I had a dream where I was watching Netflix documentary about the ghosts caught on tape. It was a group of friends hanging out, doing drugs and video taping them doing a seance when a weird human entity filled the camera lens. The entity was a blurry image wearing blue jeans and a red shirt.

Then the image came closer becoming apart of the group of friends and the camera goes black. The narrator in the background starts talking about Archons and I'm holy shit! still in my dream and so I go find my roommate and I'm like "dude, you gotta check this documentary film I found!"

And he's like, "I've already seen it. It's pretty scary I guess". And that's the weird ass dream I had this morning. It gave me goosebumps but little more. Maybe someday I'll wake up next to, a she-devil who likes to make breakfast in bed.

But my luck is I'll wake up to find a ghost of a dead writer telling me to give up on my dreams.

Book of Spells, Part 7

Sam Davis, a young assistant of Riley's felt he deserved a longer break and stayed behind. Besides, he was young and in good health. He walked circles around the rest of the members. So, he often used that to his advantage.

A loner, he ate his lunch in private. The sandwich tasted amazing as Sam sat savouring every bite. He sat entranced to the flavor explosion dancing delicately on his palette. While he ate, he took little notice of the sounds around him. Then, it suddenly got quiet and he snapped back to reality. It was pitch black in the cave. He could hear himself breathing. He scrambled through his pocket and looked for a flash light. Giggling through his pocket, he found it and pulled it out.

He heard a hiss and felt a slither across his foot. He sat frozen in fear. He felt another slither across his legs. He began to tremble. The hissing got louder and louder. He stood up and began sinking into a pit of scaly slime. He felt the pit slither against his legs as he sunk deepe…

Occult Indoctrination

Mystic Places first published in the mid to late eighties.

When I was a kid, my father, being into the Occult himself, displayed this book next to our TV.

I remember the first time I saw this book because my eyes popped open. I felt pineal gland. Did dad give me acid as a baby? I guess we may never know for certain.

It scared my mom so much, she told my dad to get rid of the book immediately, and in retaliation, he hid the book in the closest- and took it out of spite after the divorce.

I forgot about it until many years later, when I myself, began to search this subject for answers.
Now, back when the torrent site Demonoid was still around, I had no clue what the hell the occult was; but after I came across a Thirty Three Giga Bites collection of Occult Books- I downloaded it onto my external hard drive- and put it in the corner to collect dust.

I was afraid of what I would find inside:
"Would a demon pop out the moment I open the document? Would I raise the spirit of Jeffery D…

Book of Spells, Part 6

"What happened?"asks Tracy, a electronics expert from the Midwest. "I thought I saw a snake. Maybe, it was an hallucination. I don't know". "It's the curse of the gypsies" replies Tracy mockingly. "They've come to eat your brains". "No, but seriously my good friend. All jokes aside. You're under a lot of stress. Relax, because now it's time to have some fun" says Tracey. Riley smiles. "Your right. By the way, could you hand me your flashlight please" asks Riley with a new found respect for this computer wizard. He hands him his flashlight. Riley shines it over the corridor as he begins to descend down the ancient stairs. One by one, the group follows Riley some twenty feet underground. When they reach the bottom, they find themselves in a small room leading to two narrow hallways. "Alright, let's split up into two teams" insists Riley. "I'm going left and I want the first half of yo…

Book of Spells, Part 5

An aura of evil enshrined the building. The walls were covered with fine quality mosaics of demons doing vulgar things to each other.  Miguel, the young guide looks on with a sense of dread. “Well, let’s get started”, says Riley. The guide stands in horror. “What’s wrong?”, asks Derek. “Scared of the monsters that lurk in the night?” The team laughs. “It’s just a stupid superstition. Hey, where’s Terry?” “Miguel, you wait out here for Terry and set up the tents. Have the food ready for when we return. I’m going in. I’ll meet you back here by the time it gets dark” says Riley holding his machet Inside, he finds a large empty corridor. Two large bowls stand along each end of what appears to be an altar. Riley grabs a flashlight and turns it on. Shining the beam over the sacrificial alter, he finds a spiral staircase leading underground.  Walking over, he drags the light over the steps.  He stares deeply into the dark chasm as the light slowly pushes away the ancient darkness. From the…

Book of Spells, Part 4

"His young assistant puts the fancy equipment away". "That's you Tom" replies Jaison sarcastically to Tom in the van. The van load laughs. Jerry replies with "Yeah, except I doubt they have pawn shops in the middle of the jungle". The van bursts up even louder into laughter. Tom gives Jerry a dirty look as they continue down the highway. Jaison continues with his story as Noel and Trisha both give Jaison flirtatious stares. He smiles at them as he continues his tale.  "Alright, so the team immediately begins to scope out the ruins"replies Jaison. "The tall plaster buildings stood billowing over them. They seemed frozen in time. Surprisingly, they were well preserved for being over twelve hundred years old. Carefully, the team cut their way through the tall grasses of what was once the route of an ancient culture. The work was labor intensive, the grass guarded over the site with its tall stalks. It seemed to be made almost of steel the…

My Bumper sticker says to Coexist

I have this Coexist bumper sticker written out in cult symbols. I think it gives off the wrong impression that religious tolerance also includes tolerance towards shit driving. Just because we both took a wrong turn down a one-way and merged paths on the crossroads, met the devil on a dead end road, and other road travel related metaphors, doesn't mean Buddha loves you. And just because I believe in other people's Gods doesn't mean I'm ready to meet yours. So take comfort in knowing that if I see your flipped over car, that as I pass the smouldering wreckage, I'll be praying for you. And for your sake, I hope your God is listening. Because I love you and I only seek peace for are differences.